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Normal life activity of a person is directly related to his presence in society. It is proved that it is in the presence of communication with people that a person feels complete, important, and necessary, and does not suffer from loneliness and the impossibility of showing his abilities and emotions.

The process of personality socialization implies integration of a person into the social system by means of acquisition of skills and knowledge about norms and rules of behavior and interaction in society. Passing this process, a person develops, a certain thinking is formed.

Why does a person need society?

Before examining in detail the concept of socialization of a personality, it is necessary to realize the importance of finding a person in society.

Looking back at the history of human civilization, we see that people achieve success and overcome difficulties only together. In the Stone Age, exile from a family or tribe was considered the most terrible punishment, because a man was left alone, it was difficult for him to survive, and he was almost doomed to death.

Even if a person has an impressive physical strength and a powerful mind, he cannot do as much as a group. He has no one to rely on, he can’t consult or ask for help. If it is a clear nature of the leader, then the person has the need to control, give instructions. Therefore, without society, the leader does not survive. Outside of society there is a feeling of loneliness, it depresses, leads to depression, which can take very severe forms.

Even the most proud and independent person periodically needs help. In addition, the essence of the person is such that it is necessary to set some goals and solve problems. And what is the point in achieving the goals, if no one sees it and does not appreciate it? It turns out that all the efforts were in vain. Of course, a person gets satisfaction from the fact that he has achieved the desired. But it has to be seen and appreciated by somebody else. This is how the psyche works. This explains the need to find a person in society.

Main and additional types of personality socialization

In psychology it is common to identify the main and additional types of socialization. This is the first basic type, which is extremely important because it creates a foundation for further development of the individual in society. Family, friends, school – all these are the most important sources of forming a worldview, getting knowledge about behavior in society, the need to communicate and interact with other people.

The second main type is the reincarnation of a person in the social sphere. This process takes place throughout a person’s life. Periodically, a person thinks about changing their position, gets rid of old behavioral patterns and attitudes and acquires new ones.

Additional types of personality socialization are determined under the influence of many aspects, in different life situations. The gender type is observed when one learns male and female skills and behaviors. The organizational type is manifested in the professional environment, for example, when a person learns the corporate rules and norms of behavior in the team.

The topic of personality socialization is very broad, and it is difficult to cover all the important points within one article. A deeper independent study of this issue will help to assess your level of socialization, identify possible problems and mistakes in interacting with society and change something for the better. It will teach you to understand the motives of people’s behavior and build communication so that you feel comfortable and confident in society.